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Need help with your own project? We offer comprehensive consultation at any design level to help you complete your project under budget and on-time. Whether you are at a total loss (perhaps you have an idea but no experience) or just need a little guidance (maybe you simply need help calculating the right dimensions), we are here to help and provide the best 3D modelling design and product services.

Reverse Engineering

Do you have a gear or other part that needs replacing? Be it for your bike or an industrial-grade machine, we offer a full-service repairing assistance. Using 3D modelling software, we create a model and print a replacement part. In addition to the part itself, we hand over the 3D model we create.


We take your idea to a working prototype extremely fast. We make use of in-house machine to reduce both lead time and cost so that you can bring your idea to market in the most efficient way possible.

Our Design Goals

Design for Assembly

Design for Manufacturing

Design for the Environment

Design for Serviceability

We keep in mind all the above goals when designing your product. We ensure that the end user has an easy time assembling your product. We ensure that your mass production supplier has an easy time making your product, this reduces cost and lead times. We ensure the materials in the product are recyclable and safe for the environment. Lastly, we make it easy for your service crew and customers do required maintenance so that your product lasts as long as possible. 

  • Design Hourly Rate
    Design Hourly Rate $50

    We take pride in our work. Our design team will ensure that the work is up to par with your expectations. Any CAD, drawing, and prototypes are handed over to you at the end of the project.

  • Consulting
    Consulting FREE

    Not sure where to start? Ask to book a consulting time with us.

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