Custom Giveaways to Spice Up Your Campaign

Do you like free stuff? Of course you do! So do the people attending your event. That’s why you need a custom giveaway. We found that key chains or small desk figures get the best “wow that’s actually cool!”, and leave potential customers wanting more. 

These small 3D printed custom giveaways are low cost and can have a huge impact on your audience. Below are examples of how a custom giveaway can fit into your campaign.  


Any one can set up a table in a trade show and stand there all day but we forget about those guys. With a 3D printed gadget you’ll be the centre of attention. No more boring pens and coasters no one will use! 

3D printing gives you the room to customize your giveaway for every single event. Key chain? Bottle Opener? Wrench? Cookie Cutter? Brand your gadget. It is your table and your show so make sure your potential clients leave wanting more!


We know how difficult it can be to raise funds for something you are passionate about. Your donation table needs a prize. When a person makes a donation of a certain size, reward them with a cool little custom giveaway that they can remember you by, and show off to their friends. 

Social Media

You may have heard about giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Usually these involve one to three big prizes, and the rest of your loyal followers are left with nothing.

It might make sense to give away more prizes with your main one. A custom made, limited edition key chain to 50 of your most loyal followers can go a long way. A small investment in your followers will push your brand recognition and give you something that your competitors don’t have. 

Stand out by being one of a kind!

You know your business best and together we can make your idea come to life. It is up to you to go the extra mile and with our dedicated team you’ll go an extra ten.